SWF Leads Discussions On Space Situational Awareness And Commercial Rendezvous and Proximity Operations at 2018 AMOS Conference

Monday, September 24, 2018

SWF staff continued the tradition of contributing to the annual Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies (AMOS) Conference. wich was held this year in Maui, Hawaii, from Sept. 11-14, 2018. SWF helped organize and actively participated in the Policy Forum held at the beginning of each day of the conference, which consisted of a keynote speaker followed by a panel discussion on a policy topic related to space situational awareness (SSA).

The first day of the AMOS Conference, opened with a keynote from Major General Stephen Whiting, Commander of 14th Air Force, who talked about tjhe relationship between national security challenges and SSA. He was followed by ta panel discussion that featured Dr. Regina Peldszus from the Germany Aerospace Center, Dr. Jana Robinson from the Prague Security Studies Institute, Mr. Scotty Van Sant from United States Strategic Command, and Mr. Doug Loverro as moderator. The panel discussed the role of SSA in deterring attacks on space assets and fostering strategic stability in space.

The second day of the AMOS Conference opened with a keynote from Mr. Kevin O’Connell, Director of the Office of Space Commerce in the U.S. Department of Commerce, who talked about the Trump Administration’s recent policy directives to modernize the regulatory regime for commercial space activities and establish a civil SSA and STM capability. He was followed by a panel discussion that featured Dr. Bhavya Lal from the Science and Technology Policy Institute, Mr. Bryan Benedict from SES Government Solutions, Mr Paul Graziani from Analytical Graphics, Inc., Dr. John Kay from the New Zealand Defence Force, Ms.Charity Weeden from Astroscale Japan, and Mr. Ralph Dinsley as moderator. The panel discussed the evolution of space traffic management, the potential roles of government and the private sector in its implementation, and international cooperation.

During the afternoon of the second day, SWF partnered with the Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB) to hold the sixth annual AMOS Dialogue in Maui, a small, invitation-only workshop to foster dialogue on SSA policy issues. This year's AMOS Dialogue discussed examine the links between commercial rendezvous and proximity operations (RPO) and on-orbit satellite servicing (OOS) and SSA.

The third day of the AMOS Conference opened with two keynotes. The first was from Director General Sei-joong Kwon from the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs who talked about the links between space sustainability and dealing with global challenges such as climate change on Earth. The second keynote was from Mr. Dick Buenneke from the U.S. Department of State who talked about the recent success at the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space to create a voluntary set of best practices for promoting the long-term sustainability of space that were endorsed by 87 countries. The keynotes were followed by a panel discussion that featured Mr. Jim Armor from Northrup Grumman Innovation Services, LtCol Kevin Amden from the United States Air Force, Mr. Tom Kubancik from Applied Defense Solutions, Dr. Brian Weeden from SWF, and was moderated by Ms. Victoria Samson from SWF. The panel discussed the role of SSA for helping to monitor RPO activities to increase safety and reliability and reduce misperceptions.

This year the AMOS Conference also introduced EMER-GEN, a program designed especially for young professionals and students (35 and under) enthusiastic about careers in space. It preceded the annual AMOS Conference, and was a a joint initiative of the AMOS Conference and the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC). The program offered mentoring with renowned space leaders; interactive professional development sessions; technical short courses; and networking with other young professionals. Dr. Weeden and Ms. Samson helped script scenarios and backgrounds for a simulation by the participants where they were slated into various interest groups and had to do an inter-agency discussion of how government can encourage commercial SSA and how commercial SSA can help governments; Ms. Samson also facilitated discussions of one of the groups, and was also a professional mentor at the event and gave a presentation intended to give the participants a holistic background on issues facing space traffic management.

Last updated on October 2, 2018