2018 AMOS Dialogue in Maui

When: Thursday, September 13, 2018

Where: Maui, Hawaii

Since 2013, Secure World Foundation (SWF) has partnered with the Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB) to hold an invite-only workshop that promotes collaboration and cooperation on space situational awareness (SSA).

The first AMOS Dialogue was held in Maui during the 2013 Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies (AMOS) Conference. to facilitate discussions between SSA providers and end users. In February 2014, a second Dialogue was held in Tokyo, Japan, as part of the Japan Space Forum's 3rd International Symposium on Sustainable Space Development and Utilization for Humankind. The second Dialogue also focused on collaboration between SSA providers and end-users, as well as on Asia-Pacific perspectives. The third Dialogue in 2014 focused on the interactions and collaboration between governmental SSA initiatives and private sector initiatives and opportunities for improving communication and collaboration. The fourth Dialogue in 2015 focused on space traffic management to improve on-orbit safety and sustainability. The fifth Dialogue in 2016 examined the links between SSA and small satellites, and in particular steps that both small satellite operators and SSA providers can take to improve detection, tracking, identification, and conjunction assessment for small satellites. The sixth Dialogue in 2017 examined potential future scenarios for SSA cooperation, including current trends and potential challenges.

The seventh Dialogue was held during the 2018 AMOS Conference in Maui and examine the links between commercial rendezvous and proximity operations and SSA.

For more information, please contact SWF Director of Program Planning Dr. Brian Weeden.

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