Insight — Join Us in Tokyo for a Key Policy Forum on Space Sustainability!

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Join Us in Tokyo for a Key Policy Forum on Space Sustainability!

The rapid growth of activity in outer space is causing a number of interests to intersect and even conflict, including commercial, civilian, and security ones. Recent events in geopolitics, commercial development, and regulatory reform continue to raise questions about the long-term sustainability of global space activities. Current dynamics, whether they be political or technical in nature, could result in dire consequences for Earth’s most utilized orbits, threatening the benefits and services that people enjoy all over the world.  At the same time, increasing access to space, and new services being delivered from space, are expanding those benefits and services.  As such, communication and cooperation across diverse groups and communities are more important than ever, especially in a rapidly changing domain where law and policy are scarcely keeping pace with technological and commercial developments. 

The Summit for Space Sustainability, hosted by Secure World Foundation (SWF), is the only annual conference dedicated exclusively to space sustainability. This multi-day, high-level event invites stakeholders from across the global space community to discuss space sustainability issues in a holistic way that is not happening elsewhere. Over the past five years, leaders and experts from many fields have converged at the Summit for Space Sustainability to address complex issues and develop solutions for space sustainability. The results continue to be resoundingly positive. Last year, more than 500 participants from around the world attended the 5th Summit for Space Sustainability virtually and in person in New York City, engaging in high-level discussions with leaders from across governmental, commercial, and academic circles. The conference saw several key announcements from government and industry about initiatives to promote space sustainability in addition to hosting many deep-dive conversations and networking opportunities. The Wrap-up of the 5th Summit for Space Sustainability can be viewed here, and recordings of all previous year’s content are available here.

This year’s event is shaping up to be even more exciting, forward-thinking, and innovative. To be held in Tokyo, on July 11-12, 2024, the 6th Summit for Space Sustainability is co-hosted with the National Space Policy Secretariat of the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan. This year’s conference will be held in coordination with the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region’s leading commercial space conference, SPACETIDE 2024, which will take place in Tokyo from July 8-10, 2024.

Space activities throughout the Asia-Pacific region are dynamic and diverse–making it the perfect place to host this policy forum. Governments across the region are establishing and growing their space programs. The expected industry participants cover a wide spectrum, from established companies that have a foot both in space and terrestrial sectors, to exciting startups, to new regional outposts of international companies. The Summit for Space Sustainability will be an opportunity to bring together a diverse set of stakeholders working to ensure the long-term viability of space activities. 

In this discussion, key agenda themes will include:

  • Active debris removal progress and challenges
  • Space situational awareness initiatives
  • Commercial space industry's role in space sustainability
  • The interaction of civil, security, and commercial space
  • Space sustainability in the exploration context

Look for our announcement of keynotes and other speakers very soon!

Finally, we can’t forget the importance of the next generation in ensuring that all voices are participating in these important discussions. At this year’s Summit for Space Sustainability, we’ll be offering discounted rates for in-person and virtual participation, partnering with local universities, hosting a young professional mentoring breakfast, and providing scholarships for attendance–all in an effort to make sure that young people who are passionate about this topic can engage. 

So join us in Tokyo (or online!) to talk about the way forward on space sustainability! The whole week will be full of opportunities to learn, network, and contribute. In fact, the next 25 registrations for the Summit for Space Sustainability will receive a discount to join the SPACETIDE 2024 as well! Get them before they run out!


Last updated on May 9, 2024