SWF Moderates Discussion on Impact of Emerging Commercial Space Capabilities for Space Security

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

On March 4th JST, the National Space Policy Secretariat of the Japanese Cabinet Office held their 9th annual Symposium on Ensuring the Safe and Sustainable Use of Outer Space. The Symposium brings together experts from within Japan and around the world to discuss current issues related to the long-term sustainability, safety, and security of space. As part of this year's program, SWF Chief Program Officer Dr. Brian Weeden moderated a panel discussion on "Understanding impacts of emerging commercial capabilities for space security and future trends." Dr. Weeden was joined by Prof. Bleddyn Bowen from the University of Leicester in the UK, Dr. Yasuhito Fukushima from the National Institute for Defense Studies in Japan, Dr. Jessica West  from Project Ploughshares in Canada, and Mr. Daniel Porras from Rogue Space Systems in the U.S.

The panel discussed the growing role commercial space capabilities were playing in national security matters, including the current war between Russia and Ukraine, and the likely trend towards more national security use of commercial in the future. They especially focused on the emergence of in-space servicing, assembling, and manufacturing (ISAM) capabilities, which may help contribute to in-space logistics and mobility for national security applications. The panel discussed how this was similar or different from use of commercial logistics capability in other domains, the on-going challenges with distinguishing between commercial/civil and military application of dual purpose technologies, and the impact this has on current multilateral discussions on space security. A recording of the panel can be found below.



Last updated on March 12, 2024