SWF Participates in UN High Level Forum

Friday, November 16, 2018

With principles like partnership, sustainable development, cooperation, governance, information exchange, benefits, and access included across the entire range of themes discussed, the UN/Germany High level Forum: The Way Forward after UNISPACE+50 and on Space2030 addressed a large cross-section of the issues and priorities central to the work of our Foundation.

Throughout four days of intense and often interactive discussion at the UN Offices in Bonn, Germany, the HLF not only looked at the principles of interest to SWF, but focused substantial attention on the role of space applications in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals, the challenges of space situational awareness, space accessibility for all, developing space-derived economic benefits, advancing the societal benefits of space-related activities, and capacity building all of which have been the subject of SWF programming in 2018.
The Forum concluded with a session on Space Diplomacy with Foundation Executive Director Dr. Peter Martinez presenting on the work of the COPUOS Working Group on the Long Term Sustainability of Space Activity while his predecessor, Dr. Michael Simpson spoke on the role of "NGOs As Source and Critic" in the process of advancing the Space2030 Agenda.

Last updated on December 14, 2018