How Space Data Can Support Global Development Discussed at the 2018 SatSummit Conference

Monday, September 24, 2018

In partnership with Mapbox and DevelopmentSeed, Secure World Foundation sponsored the third SatSummit conference on satellite data for global development. This year's conference focused on recent developments in this field and convened a unique group of representatives from NGOs, nonprofits, government agencies, and industry representatives. Keynote presentations gave an overview of current trends, innovative new projects, and data provider perspectives. Panel sessions explored topics ranging from artificial intelligence to planetary scale analysis to food security. Working Groups discussed techniques for estimating poverty and ethical considerations for open mapping, among other topics. Workshops provided participants with a chance for hands-on training in new platforms and applications.  

Secure World Foundation’s Director of Space Applications Programs, Krystal Wilson, served on the programming committee, moderated a lightning panel on The Unmapped, and led a working group session on policy considerations and obstacles. More information is available on the event page here.

Last updated on October 5, 2018