SWF Supports Space Generation Congress 2016

Monday, October 3, 2016

SWF’s Chris Johnson and Krystal Wilson served as technical experts at the recent Space Generation Advisory Council’s (SGAC) 2016 Space Generation Congress (SGC), September 22-24 in Guadalajara, Mexico. This year’s SGAC was the largest yet, with over 150 students and young professionals participating over three days of high-level lectures, working groups, cultural events, and networking opportunities. The Secure World Foundation is a Gold Level sponsor of SGC.

Mr. Johnson served as a Subject Matter Expert in the UNISPACE+50: Shared Vision, Common Action Working Group, whose aim was to consider and articulate views and opinions that SGAC will bring to the UN-organized UNISPACE+50 process. UNISPACE+50 aims to chart the course for global space cooperation for the benefit of humankind, with space accessibility, space diplomacy, space economy, and space society as its four thematic pillars. SGAC, which was established at UNISPACEIII in 1999, intends to be an active participant in implementing the UNISPACE+50 outcomes. This working group, sponsored by SWF and the Mexican Space Agency (AEM), developed views and outcomes on space cooperation and governance which SGAC will bring to UNISPACE+50, beginning next month at a High Level Forum in Dubai.

Krystal Wilson served as a Working Group Speaker in the Spectrum and Operational Challenges with the Emergence of Small Satellites Working Group whose aim was to examine how the the emergence of small satellites (CubeSats, etc.) and satellite constellations for broadband internet is affecting spectrum allocation and potential interference. This working group, sponsored by NASA Space Communications and Navigation, developed an initial toolkit aimed at providing new market entrants with useful information on the spectrum allocation process. Her presentation can be found here.


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