Preparations Begin for Fourth UN Conference on Space Policy

Monday, December 7, 2015

A United Nations High level Forum, “Space as a Driver for Socioeconomic Sustainable Development” convened in Vienna in November 2015 to begin preparation of the UNISPACE +50 Conference planned for 2018. This will be only the fourth conference in the UNISPACE series which has been setting the multilateral policy agenda for issues related to outer space since 1968. Recognizing the importance of the planned conference for advancing cooperative solutions to space sustainability and access, Secure World Foundation is an active participant in the process and major sponsor of the preparatory work.  

Executive Director, Michael Simpson, represented the Foundation at the November session delivering welcoming remarks, presiding over one of the four issue-area discussion sessions and participating in the summary panel at the end of the day.

His statements and those of many other presenters are on the UNOOSA web site here.

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