Brian Weeden Analyzes Options for U.S.-China Space Cooperation in New Stimson Center Publication

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SWF Technical Advisor Brian Weeden has written a new article entitled "U.S.-China Cooperation in Space: Constraints, Possibilities, and Options" as part of an edited volume published by the Stimson Center on "Anti-satellite Weapons, Deterrence and Sino-American Space Relations."

Brian's article provides a framework for examining and evaluating how the United States and China might cooperate in the space arena, based in part on a previous Stimson Center panel discussion on U.S.-China cooperation in space. The article outlines the three broad areas for cooperation (space policy dialogue, information and data sharing, and joint activities) along with specific examples of each and how they are limited by political and technical constraints. The article concludes with a comparison of two potential paths forward for cooperation between the two countries, one bottom-up and one top-down, and calls for the creation of a cohesive engagement strategy that pulls together multiple projects and initiatives.

The edited volume was released today at a launch event in Washington, DC, hosted by the Stimson Center.


Last updated on December 26, 2013