Space Capacity Allocation for the Sustainability of Space Activities

When: Tuesday, June 6, 2023

to Thursday, June 8, 2023

Where: Milan, Italy

This workshop was organized by Politecnico di Milano, the European Space Agency Space and the Italian Centre of Research (CNR). The workshop was sponsored by the GREEN SPECIES project funded by the European Research Council and co-sponsored by Secure World Foundation.


This workshop was open to all researchers, space operators and regulators working in the space debris field. The aim was not only to present current advances in research on space capacity modeling and management, but above all to offer a constructive and interdisciplinary framework to discuss and work collaboratively to advance the discussion on space sustainability and space capacity management.

In this view, the following topics were addressed and discussed during the workshop:

  • Modeling the long-term evolution of the space debris environment,
  • Defining indices to assess the impact of missions to the space environment,
  • Measuring and defining thresholds for the overall space carrying capacity,
  • Proposals to manage the space environment on the long-term,
  • Policy and economic studies on space debris mitigations and applicability of capacity management strategies.

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