Release of Industry Statement in Support of International Commitments to Not Conduct Destructive ASAT Tests

When: Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Time: 9am EST

Where: Virtual

Our societal reliance on commercial space applications and services continues to grow, with applications spanning communication systems, navigation, Earth observation, and more. These societal benefits are at risk of being disrupted by the continued testing of anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons that produce large amounts of orbital debris, such as direct-ascent anti-satellite missiles. These tests directly threaten the safety of our space systems and the long-term sustainability of the space environment within which they operate, including the future economic development of low Earth orbit.  In December 2023, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution 77/41 calling upon countries to commit not to conduct such tests. To date, 37 countries have made this commitment. 

Given the risk posed by such tests to commercial space activities, a number of commercial space entities have adopted a Space Industry Statement in Support of International Commitments to Not Conduct Destructive Anti-Satellite Testing [in Space].” Secure World Foundation held a virtual launch event on November 14, 2023, to release the Space Industry Statement. 

This virtual event featured an invited panel of senior executives, drawn from the supporting companies, who discussed the decisive role the commercial space industry will play in the future economic and sustainable space environment, from low Earth orbit and beyond, the challenges posed by destructive anti-satellite tests, and the relevance and importance of the DA-ASAT test moratorium to the growth of sustainable space activities.

The industry statement was released at the webinar.


A recording from the event can be accessed here.

A PDF of the Statement can be accessed here.

The statement will be open to additional signatories. We welcome other parties interested in signing on to this statement to inquire with SWF’s Director of Private Sector Programs, Mr. Ian Christensen.

Last updated on November 29, 2023