5th Space Sustainability Summit in New York City

When: Tuesday, June 13, 2023

to Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Where: Convene @ 117 West 46th Street, New York City

The space community has emerged from the pandemic to find a more fragmented and fragile world that is in more need than ever of the benefits that space applications can offer. This year’s Summit for Space Sustainability focused on several critical themes, including reinforcing sustainability through corporate performance, strengthening space governance, and building a sustainable cislunar space economy. Hundreds of global experts and stakeholders from industry, governments, academia, and civil society gathered to participate in these discussions and help plan out a better future for all of us. 

All sessions from the Summit were recorded and are available publicly on the Secure World YouTube Channel. Individual sessions can be viewed from the links below:

United Nations Address
UK Space Agency Address
Fireside Chat: Industry and the WEF Sustainable Space Initiative
Fireside Chat on the Future of Military Space Activities

Spotlight Talks:
"Why a Moratorium on Anti-Satellite Testing is Important" (Audrey Schaffer, Dr. Mark Mozena, Dr. Rachit BhatiaHyerin Kim, and Eric Desautels)
Maureen Haverty: Investment Landscape for Space
Erin Smith: An Introduction to ESG
Matthew Daniels: What’s Happening on the Moon in the Next Decade?
Holly Ridings: Space Sustainability & NASA’s Gateway Program

Why Space Sustainability Matters and Its Impact on Our Global Future
Can the Space Community Actually Learn Something From Internet Governance?
ESG Innnnn Spaaaace
Pitch Session: How Can We Enable Space Sustainability
Space Security is YOUR Problem, Too
Help Not Hinder: Ensuring Regulation Supports Innovation in Space
It’s Still Not a Lunar Space Race
The Artemis Accords and the Moon Agreement: Living in Harmony?

Read a Wrapup of the 5th Summit for Space Sustainability, including details about speakers, links to presentations, and summaries of their points and positions here.

This year's Summit for Space Sustainability was a critical step towards the long-term preservation of the space environment and the continued sustainable use of space. We saw enlightening presentations from influential figures like Guy Ryder, reminding us of the United Nation’s legacy in space governance. Our panel discussions explored partnerships across various sectors, the potential parallels between space and internet governance, and the significance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles in the space sector.

Our panelists, from the UK Space Agency to the Bank of America, offered unique perspectives on national space sustainability strategies and investment landscapes. Unforgettable spotlights on the Anti-Satellite (ASAT) Testing moratorium emphasized peace and sustainability. We ended the day with an animated Fireside Chat on the World Economic Forum’s Space Industry Debris Mitigation Recommendations, highlighting industry-led sustainability practices.

Day two lifted off with Lt. General John Shaw from U.S. Space Command and Dr. Brian Weeden discussing military space challenges.  "Space Security is YOUR Problem, Too," our panel moderated by Victoria Samson, spotlighted the shared responsibility for space security across governments, space agencies, and commercial entities.

Krystal Azelton's panel, "Help Not Hinder: Ensuring Regulation Supports Innovation in Space," dissected the dynamic balance between regulatory frameworks and technology innovation. With esteemed panelists from UK Space Agency, Project Kuiper, Axelspace, Orbit Fab, and the FCC Space Bureau, the conversation focused on how national regulation can foster new technologies and activities while maintaining a safe, secure, peaceful, and sustainable space environment.

Spotlight sessions, led by Matthew Daniels from OSTP and Holly Ridings from NASA, paved the way for comprehensive talks on lunar plans, including NASA’s Gateway Program.

Two panels followed; “It’s Still Not a Lunar Space Race,” guided by Ian Christensen, dissected lunar space activities' realities. “The Artemis Accords and the Moon Agreement: Living in Harmony?”, moderated by Christopher Johnson, scrutinized these frameworks' compatibility.

Our summit concluded with spotlight talks on the threats from ASAT debris. Rachit Bhatia (LeoLabs), Hyerin Kim (ROK), and Eric Desautels (US Department of State) outlined the imperative for an ASAT test moratorium.

For more information, visit https://swfsummit.org/

Last updated on December 5, 2023