UNIDIR Space Security Conference 2013

When: Tuesday, April 2, 2013

to Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Where: Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland


 The world is increasingly dependent on space-based services to the point that a degraded space domain would have serious consequences for the way states and populations interact at local and international levels. Unfortunately, the space domain today is faced with a number of security risks, ranging from the development of software intended to jam or take control of a satellite constellation to the growing potential for collisions with space debris. These risks threaten to result in new tensions among stakeholders, especially among those states that rely heavily on space-based assets for national security purposes. Policymakers and practitioners have, therefore, commenced discussions on a variety of approaches that might be explored in order to ensure stability and security for government, commercial and scientific space activities alike. In particular, cooperative solutions are being sought to reduce misunderstanding and miscommunication that could otherwise result in conflict in outer space.    

This year’s Space Security Conference 2013 will focus on threats that might give rise to conflict within the outer space domain, how such conflict might spread to other domains and how such threats might be mitigated through national and multilateral initiatives. The conference will be aimed at building greater mutual understanding among stakeholders about the importance of protecting the space domain. In particular, it will aim to bring into the discussions end-users of space-based services who have been less active participants in ongoing inter-governmental efforts, including from the commercial and humanitarian sectors, in order to further emphasis the importance of ensuring security and sustainability in outer space.

Emphasis will also be placed on elucidating those activities which serve to destabilise outer space and how space actors can contribute to transparency, predictability and stability in the domain. The conference will be designed to provide an interactive forum where stakeholders will be able to explore how space security can be ensured via action at the national, regional and multilateral levels. 

  • Read the agenda of the conference here.
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  • Read the final report of the conference here.
  • See the presentations and the audio recordings here.

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