Singapore Conference on On-Orbit Satellite Servicing and Active Debris Removal

When: Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Where: Sheraton Towers, Singapore

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On-orbit satellite servicing (OOS) and active debris removal (ADR) are part of an emerging category of future on-orbit activities that are critical for taking the next leap in our use of Earth orbit. The ability to repair or refuel satellites, construct new satellites in orbit, and even remove orbital debris can help drive innovative uses of space and create new possibilities. These activities also raises a host of diplomatic, legal, safety, operational, and policy challenges that need to be tackled for this future to be possible.

On June 26, 2012, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Agency (DARPA) held a conference on "Fostering Sustainable Satellite Servicing" in Washington, DC, which served as an excellent beginning for this conversation. To continue the discussion, SWF held follow-on international conferences to bring in the perspectives and viewpoints from all stakeholders on issues of on-orbit servicing and active debris removal and extend the conversation to an international audience. The first follow-on, the "European Conference on On-Orbit Satellite Servicing and Active Debris Removal: Exploring Commercial, Legal, and Policy Implications" was held in Brussels, Belgium, on October 30, 2012, in partnership with the Institut francais des relations internationales (Ifri).

Event Details

In partnership with the Singapore Space and Technology Association (SSTA), SWF held a conference entitled "On-Orbit Satellite Servicing and Active Debris Removal: Opportunities and Challenges for the Space Sector" at the Sheraton Towers in Singapore on February 20, 2013, to bring these discussions to the Asia-Pacific region. Specific topics that were addressed included an overview of international OOS and ADR efforts, the role of space situational awareness, legal aspects, commercial sector perspectives, and international perspectives on ADR, OOS, and space security.


0900 Welcome
Dr. Michael Simpson, Executive Director, Secure World Foundation (USA)
Mr. Jonathan Hung, President, Singapore Space & Technology Association (Singapore)
0910 On-orbit Satellite Servicing, Active Debris Removal and the Future of Space Activities in Earth Orbit
Dr. Michael Simpson, SWF
0930 Overview of International OOS and ADR Efforts
Ms. Satomi Kawamoto, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Japan)
Mr. Dan King - Director, Space Servicing, McDonald, Dettweilier and Associates (Canada)
Professor Volker Gass - Director, Swiss Space Center (Switzerland)
Mr. Joe Anderson - Director and Chief Engineer, MEV Services, ATK Space Systems (USA)
Professor Craig Smith - CEO, EOS Space Systems (Australia)
1100 Coffee Break
1130 Summary of DARPA’s Conference on Sustainable Satellite Servicing
Mr. David Barnhart, Program Manager, DARPA (USA)
1200 Importance of Space Situational Awareness for ADR and OOS
Mr. Brian Weeden, Technical Advisor, Secure World Foundation (USA)
1230 Lunch
1400 Overview of the legal challenges with ADR and OOS
Dr. Yaw Nyampong - Post-Doctoral Fellow, McGIll University (Canada)
Wing Commander Duncan Blake - Deputy Director, Military Law Centre, Australian Air Force (Australia)
1445 Commercial Sector Perspectives
A panel discussion of perspectives on ADR and OOS from the commercial sector, including insurers, satellite operators, satellite manufacturers, and investors.

Moderator: Mr. Joerg Kriesel, CEO, JKIC (Germany)

Mr. Dan King - Director, Space Servicing, McDonald, Dettweilier and Associates (Canada)
Mr. Joe Anderson - Director and Chief Engineer, MEV Services, ATK Space Systems (USA)
1545 Coffee Break
1615 International Perspectives on ADR, OOS, and Space Security
A discussion of international perspectives ADR, OOS, and their relationships to space sustainability and security.

Moderator: Mr. Brian Weeden, Secure World Foundation (USA)

Ms. Audrey Schaffer, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy (USA)
Dr. Rajeswari Rajagopalan, Senior Fellow, Observer Research Foundation (India)
Dr. Kazuto Suzuki, Professor in International Political Economy, Hokkaido University (Japan)
Professor Li Bin, Associate Professor, Beihang University School of Law (China)
Mr. Anthony Wicht, Assistant Manager, Space Policy Unit, Australian Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research, and Tertiary Education (Australia)


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