European Conference on On-Orbit Satellite Servicing and Active Debris Removal: Exploring Commercial, Legal, and Policy Implications

When: Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Where: Polak Room, Residence Palace International Press Center, rue de la Loi 155 1040 Brussels, Belgium

On-orbit satellite servicing (OOS) and active debris removal (ADR) are part of an emerging category of future on-orbit activities that are critical for taking the next leap in our use of Earth orbit. The ability to repair or refuel satellites, construct new satellites in orbit, and even remove orbital debris can help drive innovative uses of space and create new possibilities. These activities also raises a host of diplomatic, legal, safety, operational, and policy challenges that need to be tackled for this future to be possible.

On June 26, 2012, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Agency (DARPA) held a conference on "Fostering Sustainable Satellite Servicing" in Washington, DC, which served as an excellent beginning for this conversation. To continue the discussion, SWF will be holding two follow-on international conferences to bring in the perspectives and viewpoints from all stakeholders on issues of on-orbit servicing and active debris removal and extend the conversation to an international audience.

In partnership with the Institut francais des relations internationales (Ifri), SWF will hold a conference in Brussels, Belgium on October 30, 2012, to bring these discussions to the European community. Specific topics that will be addressed include the dual-use nature of OOS and ADR technologies, norms of behavior for conducing OOS and ADR activities, and transparency and confidence building measures (TCBMs) to reduce the risk of such activities being seen as threats.

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