Improving Our Vision V

When: Tuesday, June 28, 2011

to Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Where: Chateau de Betzdorf, Luxembourg

Organized by the Eisenhower Center in cooperation with SWF, SES, and Intelsat, this fifth in the series of Space Situational Awareness workshops will examine ways in which shared SSA data can be applied to enhance the safety, stability, and security of  operations in space.  This will include an expanded look at issues beyond on-orbit operations, to include a comprehensive consideration of space systems' life cycle from launch to final disposal.

The workshop spans two days and will begin with a discussion of US and European policies for sharing SSA data and follow with panels devoted to debates on a variety potential mechanisms to apply the uses of this data to improving the shared use of the space domain.

On the second day, participants will address examine how adherence to principles for safe and responsible space operations can be verified and what options should be considered to respond to activities which are not consistent with accepted best practices.  As in the past, the workshop concludes with an afternoon devoted to breakout sessions and a debate on future issues to address.

Participation is by invitation only, given available resources and the desire to maintain the working discussion character of the sessions.

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