European Space Governance: the Outlook

When: Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Where: 17-21, avenue de la Joyeuse entrée 1040 Brussels, Belgium

European space governance is a key component of the future of Europe as a whole: it brings prestige and a sense of common identity to the continent, and sets an example for future funding and management procedures in non-space sector policies. Moreover, effective European space governance is also key to the future success of Europe in space.

By linking the institutional framework of the EU with the actual implementation of policies and programs, a new governance scheme will improve both the internal and the external standing of Europe as a leading space actor. This is particularly true in the post-Lisbon era, and we should therefore monitor how the Lisbon Treaty has been implemented since December 2009 in the area of space policy.

Secure World Foundation and the Space Policy Program at Ifri partnered again this year to organize a conference on "European Space Governance: the Outlook". The conference provides a snapshot of the current governance situation in three panels. The first one, on space governance after the Lisbon Treaty, assesses the overall policy and institutional consequences of the Treaty, thus providing analysis on the structural framework of European space governance. The second panel explores in more detail at governance issues of the Galileo and GMES programs. The last panel will be dedicated to the governance of security-related space programs, emphasizing both the role of specific institutions (EDA, EEAS) and the development of concrete programs (SSA, MUSIS). Last but not least, a keynote speaker will address the current diplomatic activity around the adoption of an international Code of Conduct in space. Learn more about the speakers at the event

The following are presentations from our expert speakers from the conference including:

Josef Aschbacher,"GMES-Status & Programmatic Challenges."
Gérard Brachet, "EGNOS & Galieo: Which Governance for the Operational Phase?"
Maria Buzdugan, "How to Make Space Systems Financially Sutainable?"
Rik Hansen, " European Space Procurement: Towards a Third Way."
Jan Kolar, "Future Role for National Space Agencies."
Tanja Masson-Zwaan, "The Legal Frameworks of Space Activities in Europe."
Gaëlle Michelier, "Policy Implications of the Lisbon Treaty and Governance Evolution."
Christophe Venet, "The basics of European Space Governance."


Read the event press release here.
Read the release of the "European Space Governance: The Outlook" publication.


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