Analyzing the Development Paths of Emerging Space Nations: Opportunities or Challenges for Space Sustainability?

When: Monday, August 22, 2011

Where: 1779 Mass. Ave., NW, DC 20036

While the advent of emerging space nations certainly creates opportunities, it also raises new concerns. Balancing these new sets of opportunities and risks, requires an understanding of the rationale and development paths of all space actors, in particular emerging ones. An analysis of six emerging space nations (South Africa, Brazil, and India compared against Nigeria, Venezuela, and Malaysia) reveals opportunities and challenges to space sustainability.

"Analyzing the Development Paths of Emerging Space Nations: Opportunities or Challenges for Space Sustainability?" examines the selected nations' space policy development and interest (or lack thereof) in international cooperation, assessing how best the United States and the international community can reach out to these emerging space actors in the advancement of space sustainability.The authors also look at the European Union's draft Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities to assess how the countries examined in this research view this proposed mechanism for space sustainability. Finally, the authors discuss the role that the United States has played to date in these regions and suggest ways in which the United States might enhance its efforts in the future.

Speakers are:
• Megan Ansdell, Booz Allen & Hamilton
• Laura Delgado Lopez, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
• Daniel Hendrickson, Aerospace Industries Association

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