21st UN/IAF Workshop on “Space for Human and Environmental Security”

When: Friday, September 30, 2011

to Sunday, October 2, 2011

Where: Cape Town, South Africa

The Workshop is being organized with participation of ESA, Secure World Foundation, International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) and the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR).

This Workshop is the 21st in a series of meetings jointly organised by the Office for Outer Space Affairs, under the United Nations Programme on Space Applications, and by the International Astronautical Federation. It builds on the recommendations and experience gained from previous workshops. The UN/IAF Workshop has been endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly as part of the 2011 activities of the United Nations Programme on Space Applications.

The UN/IAF Workshop and the 62nd IAC provide a unique forum for discussions among space experts, policy and decision makers, representatives from academic community and private industry. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences and to examine opportunities for better cooperation. In the past, contacts established among participants have resulted in a number of initiatives and activities strengthening the role of space technology applications for improving the quality of life in developing countries.

Within the limited financial resources, which have been made available by the co-sponsors (currently - UNOOSA, IAF and ESA), a number of selected participants from developing countries will be offered financial support to attend the Workshop and IAC. Funded participants will be provided with round trip air tickets between the international airport of their home countries and the international airport at Cape Town, South Africa. The funded participants will also be provided with a daily subsistence allowance to cover board and lodging for the duration of the Workshop and IAC, as well as with IAC registration waivers (up to 25).

Relationship to SWF Strategy Specific Strategic Intentions, Objectives, and Goals:
The focus of the Workshop will be on space technologies, applications, information and services that contribute to sustainable economic and social development programmes supporting human and environmental security, primarily in developing countries, with the following main objectives: (i) to increase awareness among decision makers and representatives regading research and space technology applications for addressing human and environmental security issues, primarily in developing countries; (ii) to examine low-cost space-related technologies and information resources available for addressing human and environmental security needs in developing countries; (iii) to promote educational and public awareness initiatives in the area of natural resources management, as well as to contribute towards capacity building process in this area; and (iv) to strengthen international and regional cooperation in the subjects of: Space and Climate Change, Space for Food and Water, Space for Health and Space for Environment.

The Workshop programme will include 4 technical sessions addressing the following themes:
• Session 1: Space and Climate Change
• Session 2: Space for Food and Water
• Session 3: Space for Health
• Session 4: Space for Environment

A closing round table discussion will be held with top managers of space agencies, other relevant institutions, and organizations from both, space-faring and non-space faring countries, in order to establish a direct dialogue on how space technologies and policies can contribute towards enhancing human and environmental security in developing countries.

Read Dr. Ray Williamson's presentation on "Data, information, and the challenge of reaching the end users".

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